About the China Law Deskbook

The Deskbook is one of the ABA's leading publications and is the culmination of 15 years of work of one of the most respected China hands living and working in Beijing, China. The book is an indispensible guide for lawyers and business people active in China, and has become a must-have publication for the library of any China hand.

The 2010 Edition covers the significant legal developments adopted by the government since the 2nd Edition in 2005, and specifically the new Tort Law, Property Rights Law, Anti-Monopoly Law, Labor Contract Law, Enterprise Income Tax Law, Enterprise Bankruptcy Law, revised Foreign Investment Catalogue, and various other new and amended laws, regulations, and governmental policies that impact foreign investment and trade with China. The 3rd Edition is over 1100 pages long and over 3000 footnotes of references and citations. Overall, the Deskbook is organized in 24 chapters covering key topic areas such as court system and litigation, contract law, financial regulation, taxation, tender and government procurement, consumer protection, customs and trade, labor and employment, M&A, liquidation and bankruptcy, securities, property rights and land use, environmental, and dispute resolution.

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China Law Deskbook
A Legal Guide to Foreign-Invested Enterprises
Author: James M. Zimmerman
Publication Date: May 19, 2010
ISBN: 1-59031-364-X
$234.95 USD (Regular)
$187.95 USD (International Law, Section of)
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